Silver Mirror Acrylic Panels

Silver Mirror Acrylic Panels

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Our Silver Mirror Acrylic Sheets and panels are a great alternative to a standard glass mirror. Warlond Plastics also offer a Custom Cut To Size Option (Please send us your sizes so we can respond with a quote. CNC options are available for the more unusual shape or repetition.

We supply a range of standard sizes this includes:

  • A4 (297x210x3mm) 
  • 600x400x3mm
  • 600x600x3mm
  • 900x600x3mm
  • 1220x600x3mm
  • 1220x1200x3mm

  Advantages compared to Glass Mirror include:

  • Cost saving
  • Weight
  • Impact resistant
  • Easy to cut and shape
  • Safer around kids

 Applications include:

  • Signage
  • Art displays
  • Mirror replacement 
  • Internal boat mirror
  • Arts and crafts

Installation guide:

  • Double sided tape
  • 4 sided frame
  • Non acidic silicone (Check with Bunnings or 3M for further advice)
  • Mechanically fastened (Bolt / Screw)

Drilling guide:

Note: (Caution required) Use drill bits suited for drilling metal not wood. 

Drill hole 1.5mm larger than the screw, don't over tighten and drill 25 - 30mm away from any edge. 

Please note: Guides are suggestive and only serve the propose to assist. A guide and guide only.