Black HDPE Sheet

Black HDPE (10mm) Thick Panels

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Black HDPE (10mm) Thick Panels & Sheets

HDPE Is extremely strong against impact, abrasion resistant, and exhibits a low coefficient of friction.

The material is also moisture, stain, and odour resistant, and is FDA approved for use in the food processing industry (natural colour only). Warlond Plastics are one of the largest online suppliers based in Melbourne offering HDPE Polyethylene engineering grade board at competitive prices. This is not the typical product you find at Bunnings. We offer custom cutting and cnc machining. We ship all across Australia and the world.



Key Benefits:

• Weldable/Bendable – suitable for fabrication.
• Low co-efficient of friction.
• UV Resistant – Black only.
• Physiologically inert – approved for food applications (Natural only).
• Excellent impact resistance.
• Electrical insulation – it is a good insulator.
• Excellent abrasion resistance.
• Weatherproof – it doesn’t absorb water.
• Very High damping properties.
• Chemical resistance – resists corrosive chemicals (e.g. Sulphuric Acid, Caustic Soda).




• Tanks.
• Dock fenders, pontoon and jetty components.
• Storage Vessels.
• Waste Water Chemical Process Industry.
• Playground Equipment.
• Boating engine packers.
• Cutting Boards.
• Conveyor components.
• Gears, star wheels and rollers, washers and bushes.
• Butchers Preparation Table.