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Black HDPE (15mm) Thick Panels

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Experience the exceptional quality and versatility of UV Stabilized 15mm thick Black HDPE Sheets and Panels, distributed by Warlond Plastics. Our premium-grade sheets are meticulously manufactured from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material, renowned for its outstanding strength, durability, chemical resistance, and impressive impact strength. With their sleek black appearance, these UV Stabilized Black HDPE Sheets, distributed by Warlond Plastics, offer a clean and professional aesthetic for a wide range of applications. Whether you require reliable protection for chemical tanks, construction projects, the food industry, mechanical engineering applications, transport needs, or material handling solutions, our UV Stabilized Black HDPE Sheets deliver unmatched performance.

Manufactured to meet the demanding requirements of these diverse industries, our UV Stabilized Black HDPE Sheets provide a hygienic and durable surface for cutting, chopping, and other tasks. Their exceptional impact strength ensures they can withstand heavy use and remain intact, making them suitable for the unique demands of chemical tanks, construction sites, food processing facilities, mechanical engineering projects, transportation applications, and material handling operations.

Featuring UV stabilization, these Black HDPE Sheets are designed to withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight without deteriorating or fading. This makes them ideal for outdoor applications where resistance to UV radiation is crucial, such as outdoor signage, furniture, and structures. The UV stabilization ensures that the sheets maintain their color, strength, and overall performance even in harsh environmental conditions.

Explore our extensive selection of UV Stabilized Black HDPE Sheets today and discover the perfect combination of reliability, functionality, impact strength, UV resistance, and eco-friendly materials, distributed by Warlond Plastics. Take advantage of our custom cut-to-size service and CNC routing options to ensure the sheets meet your precise requirements. Choose the trusted choice for quality, durability, temperature resistance, UV stability, and customization. Order your UV Stabilized Black HDPE Sheets from Warlond Plastics now and enhance your projects with unmatched excellence.


Key Benefits:

• Weldable/Bendable – suitable for fabrication.
• Low co-efficient of friction.
• UV Resistant – Black only.
• Physiologically inert – approved for food applications (Natural only).
• Excellent impact resistance.
• Electrical insulation – it is a good insulator.
• Excellent abrasion resistance.
• Weatherproof – it doesn’t absorb water.
• Very High damping properties.
• Chemical resistance – resists corrosive chemicals (e.g. Sulphuric Acid, Caustic Soda).




• Tanks.
• Dock fenders, pontoon and jetty components.
• Storage Vessels.
• Waste Water Chemical Process Industry.
• Playground Equipment.
• Boating engine packers.
• Cutting Boards.
• Conveyor components.
• Gears, star wheels and rollers, washers and bushes.
• Butchers Preparation Table.